Twitter Reconnect Suggestion, Say Hi!


Twitter adds a Reconnect and “Say Hi!” Suggestion

For many social media people, connecting through twitter’s main site and a desktop is not the norm. Twitter through mobile is the most common way users connect, “60% of our users connect with mobile devices.”

Further, with platforms like tweetdeck and hootsuite, many social media experts rarely visit twitter’s actual website. It does leave one to wonder how much of an impact an update such as “Reconnect” really makes. How many users will ever even see these reconnect suggestions?

Why would twitter add the reconnect suggestion?

As for twitter, it is likely that they are pushing these interactions to keep users engaged in their platform. They want to retain users and the draw that social media platforms have for retaining uses is interactions. After all, social media is about being social. Have you reconnected with anyone on twitter lately?

Take twitter’s advice and “Say Hi!”


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