Local Search Experts say Local Factors haven’t changed much

I made this image to illustrate computing the ...

I made this image to illustrate computing the centroid of an object. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012 Local Search Ranking Factors is out find it here: http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml

David Mihm’s initial reaction:

Many of the fundamentals have not changed.
It’s still important to:

  1. Have an address in the city that’s being searched
  2. Associate your business with complete and proper categories.
  3. Have an address close to the Centroid (sad to say)
  4. Ensure your data is accurate and complete across the Local Ecosystem–especially on authoritative citation sources
  5. Work on getting your customers to review you at the new Google +Local

All five of those factors were rated in the top ten way back in the first instance of the survey in 2008, as well as this year.

My Comment:

Sad, but true… the fundamentals of local SEO have not really changed much. In fact, I often feel that so many people are missing how heavily weighted those fundamentals are. Thanks again for doing this. I know it’s a lot of work. Your efforts are appreciated.


There is some relief in that Google’s Local hasn’t changed much, but they have made great improvements. Remember the days when all you had to do was claim a business page and within an hour you ranked?

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SEO Pest Control and Ethics

Inspired by http://joehall.me/seo-outing-is-immoral/
12-01 Bsktbll - WCS Crusaders vs BMR Chargers ...

FOUL PLAY!!!!!!!!! (Photo credit: gus_estrella)

Per a SEOmoz survey, those that participate in black hat tactics are more likely to report others that do the same. And Joe Hall calls “SEO Out-ing Immoral”. Actually entertaining in that they are both arguing nearly the same thing, if the surveys are correct. If black hat is immoral and those that do it are most likely reporting others for doing it then the black hatters are both immoral for practicing in link building and then immorally reporting on others doing the same thing. But really, to me, it just pest control.

And around and around they go… It’s actually a good read especially all the commentary.

Here is my comment

Funny, a friendly competitor of mine appeared to spamming twitter, I notified him about the obvious spam tweets as a bit of heads up. He replied letting me know that he had actually requested BMR to remove all of the links a client had acquired through them. We laughed and I let it go. A few days after that BMR was deindexed. In my opinion, this pattern alone, tweet out every article as it was updated, was a very clear signal. In a single day with one single twitter string I could have exposed a good portion of their network and I am just a pest control guy. I am sorry, but I don’t believe that anyone outed BMR here. A lot people speed down the highway. If you are going faster than everyone else on the internet super highway and fly by that one traffic cop you are going to get ticketed.


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SMX West – Recap by Speaker Aaron Friedman

SMX West was a great experience. And I agree with Aaron Friedman, If you are in the marketing world then “You should have been there.”

You can read Aaron’s recap here: http://digitalhighrise.com/smx-west-2012-why-it-was-awesome

My Comment:

“Great recap. Amazing to hear about your experience and the sessions you enjoyed. Sadly, I missed a lot of your sessions, and I still walked away loving it! Most note worthy here, and your underlining theme, is all the smart people you got to meet and hang out with. Those one on one opportunities offer some of the best advice and tips you will ever find. Perhaps next time you and I can share a table. =)”

All and All a solid event this year for SMX.

You can find photos of the even here: SMX West Photos

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Girl Meets Bug

So I cam across this site today: Girl Meets Bug

Cover of "Bugs!"

Cover of Bugs!

Apparently she writes for the Huffington Post and she eats bugs. Oh.. Did you catch that, SHE EATS BUGS! Willingly. And here site has a list of bug recipes and other shenanigans. This is going to be fun.

My comment:

Wow… I don’t know how I missed this website before. Would love to sit down and ask you a few question… or sit down and email you a few questions. Still trying to take all of this in… You eat bugs? You eat bugs. Okay. I’ve eaten a bug or two, but I’m a pest control guy.

I will certainly do a follow up on her blog.


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Video Marketing Challenge – 2012

Anthony Kirlew, with AKA Old School SEO

Anthony is getting the vibe that videos are heating up… http://www.oldschoolseo.com/2012/01/06/take-the-video-marketing-challenge/

YouTube, Vimeo, and the likes are already big. YouTube actually qualifies for the 2nd largest search engine. Yes, it out ranks Bing. And while YouTube is a vertical search engine dealing only with videos, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. My predictions are videos and views will grow exponentially in 2012.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

My Comment:

I think video marketing is going to be huge in 2012. I mean it’s already big… but it will be even bigger.

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Old Shcool SEO

Comment on SEO by the Sea – Entities in Search Queries


Good read on entities in search queries. Google shows different results when an entity is presented in the search. Therefore, names like Nike, Bulwark, Obama, all have related terms. When present in a search these name entities define the topic. The entities are not always single word, Thomas Ballantyne, Empire Avenue, Pest Control SEO, are all entities that will define the search results based on the entity. Google also feeds live news streams based on entities in the news. At one time, a search for Thomas Ballantyne, brought up my twitter account as a news stream. It filtered my tweets and tweets to me based on what it seemed most news worthy. Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea used the president as one of his examples. My comment…

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Interesting using the president as an example. So how damaging to the president’s search results would it be to use the presidents full name of Barack Osama Obama?

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SEO by the SEA