Ticks on Lizards

I came across this image today:

Do Ticks Feed on Lizards?

I found this curious. After a little research I found that Lizards have iron rich blood. They also consume oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Ticks are attracted to carbon dioxide.

My comment:

“Very interesting to see a lizard with ticks on it. Lizards eat insects. I wonder what type of ticks those are. This is indeed curios to me, as a pest control guy. And I would have thought that the cold blooded creatures wouldn’t be as pleasing as a warm meal. But I guess a lizard still has iron rich blood. Thanks for sharing. I’ve leaned something new today.”

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GM Pulls Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ads


General Motors automobile mural

General Motors automobile mural (Photo credit: Toban Black)

Facebook and Social Media are not search marketing. Most people don’t search on facebook or other social media platforms. If you must, Facebook marketing is classic interruption marketing. Your there having a party with your friends, talking, sharing photos, building memories, and *WHAMOO* an ad pops up related to green jello since you were just talking about gelatin something

or others. Yeah, yeah, go away green jello giant we were thinking something more blonde with that Jello reference.

Search marketing is engaging internet surfers while they are looking to engage you. Different story. You’re not interrupting them, your helping them. You can’t treat these avenues the same. You match a bow with an arrow, not a bullet. You might get lucky and kill something with bow and bullet, or unlucky…

Aimclear covers a their thoughts on GMs failed Facebook marketing attempts. www.aimclearblog.com/2012/05/16/thanks-gm-that-leaves-more-facebook-ads-impressions-for-me/

My comment:

Why isn’t GM spending what they spend on one commercial ad to build a freaking awesome Facebook Car Game?

…I know, who would listen to a pest control guy’s ideas on marketing.


p.s. I try leaving comments and apparently Thos003 hits the spam filter every time. So now I blog my comments and link back.

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SEO Pest Control and Ethics

Inspired by http://joehall.me/seo-outing-is-immoral/
12-01 Bsktbll - WCS Crusaders vs BMR Chargers ...

FOUL PLAY!!!!!!!!! (Photo credit: gus_estrella)

Per a SEOmoz survey, those that participate in black hat tactics are more likely to report others that do the same. And Joe Hall calls “SEO Out-ing Immoral”. Actually entertaining in that they are both arguing nearly the same thing, if the surveys are correct. If black hat is immoral and those that do it are most likely reporting others for doing it then the black hatters are both immoral for practicing in link building and then immorally reporting on others doing the same thing. But really, to me, it just pest control.

And around and around they go… It’s actually a good read especially all the commentary.

Here is my comment

Funny, a friendly competitor of mine appeared to spamming twitter, I notified him about the obvious spam tweets as a bit of heads up. He replied letting me know that he had actually requested BMR to remove all of the links a client had acquired through them. We laughed and I let it go. A few days after that BMR was deindexed. In my opinion, this pattern alone, tweet out every article as it was updated, was a very clear signal. In a single day with one single twitter string I could have exposed a good portion of their network and I am just a pest control guy. I am sorry, but I don’t believe that anyone outed BMR here. A lot people speed down the highway. If you are going faster than everyone else on the internet super highway and fly by that one traffic cop you are going to get ticketed.


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Girl Meets Bug

So I cam across this site today: Girl Meets Bug

Cover of "Bugs!"

Cover of Bugs!

Apparently she writes for the Huffington Post and she eats bugs. Oh.. Did you catch that, SHE EATS BUGS! Willingly. And here site has a list of bug recipes and other shenanigans. This is going to be fun.

My comment:

Wow… I don’t know how I missed this website before. Would love to sit down and ask you a few question… or sit down and email you a few questions. Still trying to take all of this in… You eat bugs? You eat bugs. Okay. I’ve eaten a bug or two, but I’m a pest control guy.

I will certainly do a follow up on her blog.


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