“Knoxville, We Have A Problem” – Google Maps

Can a city go missing in Google Maps? Yes, and today a city did. Knoxville, TN cannot be found in Google Maps:



Digging a little deeper, if you click on the city name while in Knoxville, you get nothing on the left, however the city name shows in the URL with the longitude and latitude:


See Google Maps Here

When you click on a city you should get a knowledge panel to the left as seen here for Chattanooga:


And this glitch does not affect the Knoxville suburbs, see Oak Ridge below:


Knoxville is missing from Google Earth, both when searched and when given the long and lat:


A City Missing? How about “Add A Place”

Google did suggest if something was missing to added it to the map. What a great opportunity to claim the city of Knoxville, right? Well for better or  worse there is a snag when trying to be helpful and add Knoxville back onto Google maps… ADD A CATEGORY:


There is no viable category to add the city of Knoxville onto google maps.

I also attempted to add it via Google Earth, but the best I could manage was adding a project, tagging the Knoxville file, which results in an endless load for the Knoxville, TN data:


Feel free to visit or contribute to the KNOXVILLE PROJECT – GOOGLE EARTH

-Thomas Ballantyne


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